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How flowering plants conquered the world

Scientists solve Darwin’s “abominable mystery”: How flowers rapidly evolved and spread across the globe.

Richeecorp Technologies Rebrands Launches as a Tech blog for African millennials

RicheeTech is an ICT tech blog focused on highlighting stories around Nigeria’s Silicon Valley, ICT gadgets and Do It Yourself […]

Female engineers set for success

The UK has the lowest percentage of female engineering professionals in Europe, at less than 10%.

Citizen science bags five-planet haul

Astronomy enthusiasts help to confirm the existence of a five-planet system orbiting a far-off star.

UK satellite to make movies from space

The spacecraft paves the way to a constellation collecting full-colour, hi-def video of Earth.

Canon Launches Appropriate Technical Solutions for Canon Printer Users

Now each and every Canon Printer user will also come to know about positive channels via that optimum results are […]

Manthan Launches a Smart Store Assistant enabling Retailers Deliver Winning In-Store Experiences

Manthan’s Engage247, a smart mobile application provides prescriptive actions and real-time business insights, aiding store managers make impactful customer-centric decisions. […]

Theresa May aims to eradicate plastic litter by 2042

Theresa May will launch a 25-year plan to improve the environment but green groups say it has no legal force.

Light shed on mystery space radio pulses

Astronomers have fresh insight on a mysterious source of recurring radio pulses from space.

The nightmare after Festive Season (and Meltdown, and Spectre)

CPU vulnerabilities exploited by Meltdown and Spectre impacting IoT Devices. Read @

Teksun Experts at CES 2018 in Las Vegas

Meet Teskun Experts Panel at CES 2018 to witness our expertise with robust and innovative solutions in the field of […]

RxLink becomes the first Independent Pharmacy to open an RxLink Ignace Pharmacy in Historic Mitchell Street, Milwaukee, on January 15, 2018

The new RxLink Ignace Pharmacy is owned and operated by the Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center, Inc. to open […]

Taasha Technologies shortlisted for Premium Recognition in 50 Most Promising Enterprise Startups Powered by APAC CIOoutlook Magazine

A Proud moment for everyone involved as Taasha Technologies makes it into the list of 50 most enterprising startups. Read […]

Sam Gyimah is new science minister

Who is the new man in charge of higher education in England?

ISS: Japanese astronaut Norishige Kanai worried by growth spurt

Norishige Kanai says he is worried he will not be able fit in his Soyuz seat for the return to […]


World Sleep Day is an annual event that calls to action important issues related to sleep using collaborative efforts energized […]

Tough As Nails Awnings – Break Record Sales

Designed as a weatherproof fold out shelter that is fully modular and neatly mounted to the side of your vehicle. […]

Northern Forest: Plan to plant ‘ribbon of woodland’ across England

‘Ribbon of woodland’ will be planted, but critics say other projects are destroying ancient forests.

Joyoshare Newly Launched Screen Recorder to Record Any Screen Video/Audio on PC

Joyoshare Screen Recorder for Windows was newly launched to record any screen video with audio simultaneously on computer with high […]

‘Latte levy’ of 25p urged by MPs in bid to cut cup waste

The UK throws away 2.5 billion non-recyclable coffee cups every year, MPs say.

TagMaster North America and FlashParking Flying High At Aspen Airport

TagMasterNA RFID Identification Solutions & FlashParking Revenue Control Equipment Deployed at Aspen Airport. Read @

Coral reefs head for ‘knock-out punch’

Repeat bouts of warmer seawater are posing a significant challenge to the world’s tropical corals.

Dr. Chiufang Hwang Chronicles Immersion into 60s Southern Black Culture in Finding Janine

Autobiographer celebrates diversity in her firsthand account of the immigrant experience. Read @

e-Zest made it to Zinnov Zones 2017 Product Engineering Services in Enterprise software

e-Zest has been positioned in Breakout Zone of enterprise software in Zinnov Zones 2017 Product Engineering Services Ratings. Read @ […]

Alaskan infant’s DNA tells story of ‘first Americans’

The 11,500-year-old bones of a child unearthed in Alaska shed light on the peopling of the Americas.

Fire reductions ‘make methane numbers add up’

Fewer fires globally may help explain the recent change in atmospheric methane, a study says.

North Florida Land Trust’s O2O Project has been Chosen for Federal Funding

Conservation Partnership project to receive more than $3.5 million. Read @

AI early diagnosis could save heart and cancer patients

The systems will save billions of pounds by enabling the diseases to be picked up much earlier.

Miami Mold Specialists Announces Addition of Next Gen Hydroxyl Systems

Miami Beach mold removal company, Miami Mold Specialists, adds new line of cutting edge Hydroxyl generators to extensive line of […]

UK ‘faces build-up of plastic waste’

UK does not have capacity to deal with extra plastic waste after a Chinese import ban, says industry group.